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教 會 簡 史

1970年代    一群匹茲堡中國敎會的弟兄姊妹


   1989        東區華人敎會在Monroeville成立

   1992        宋牧師擔任主任牧師

   1998        加入宣道會,改名為匹兹堡華人宣道會

   2000        黎建勲牧師擔任主任牧師

   2003        William Underwood 牧師擔任代理牧師

   2004        搬到現今的堂址

   2006        陳業添牧師擔任主任牧師

   2015        James Newman牧師擔任代理牧師

   2016        鄭保羅牧師擔任主任牧師

   2022        田再兴传道擔任主任牧師 

A Brief Church History

1970s   Some Pittsburgh Chinese Church members began Bible study group in Monroeville

1989    East Suburban Chinese Church was established in Monroeville

1992    Pastor Ray Sung served as Pastor

1998    Joined the Christian & Missionary Alliance and became Chinese Alliance Church of Pittsburgh

2000    Pastor Calvin Lai served as Pastor

2003    Pastor William Underwood served as Interim Pastor

2004    Moved to present location

2006    Pastor Calvin Tan served as Pastor

2015    Pastor James Newman served as Interim Pastor

2016    Pastor Paul Trinh served as Pastor

2022    Pastor Zaixing Tian served as Pastor

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